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Wooden deck chairs print, armchairs, tables and other items made of wood

  • Almost 90% of our products are made of hight quality beech wood.
  • The raw material is being acquired from forests covered with FSC certificate.
  • Beech timber, before using for production, is appropriately stored in the open air and next dried to the adequate humidity of each product.
  • Prepared in this way raw material is being subjected to wood processing on high quality machine tools.
  • We use elements and accesories  made of metal which are protected against corrosion.
  • Plastic elements are carried out from the high quality polypropylene.
  • Deckchair’s fabrics cotton/polyester and polyester have a high basis weight.
  • Our fabrics are resistant to weather conditions.
  • Our printings are high quality, we use following methody of prints:
    • sublimation
    • silkscreen
    • termoprint
    • embroidery
  • On wooden elements the logo can be made with method of engraving.
  • Every produced item is aesthetically packed and protected for the transport.


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